Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pelaburan Emas di Public Bank

Gold Investment Account

Key Benefits
  • To earn potentially higher return from appreciation in gold price.
  • Convenience of investing in gold as trading is carried out through a passbook/ online.
  • Small difference between selling and buying prices.
  • Affordable initial purchase and subsequent investment.
  • Invest in gold without having to keep the gold physically.
  • Gold is the best possible hedge against inflation.
  • Alternative investment avenue to build up personal gold portfolio which is cheaper compared to invest in gold jewellery as the latter will incur additional cost on workmanship.
What is a Gold Investment Account?
  • Gold Investment Account is an account which allows individual customers to purchase the purest available gold commodity in 99.99% fineness at daily prices for 1 gram in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).
  • A passbook will be provided to the account holders and every purchase/sale order will be recorded in the passbook.
Individuals (resident or non-resident) aged 18 years and above.
Personal or joint
Minimum Initial Purchase 20gms
Minimum Balance in the Account 2gms
Minimum Subsequent Purchase/ Sale 5 grams and must be in multiple of 1 gram
Gold Purchase
Gold purchase will be based on the Bank's prevailing gold SELLING price quoted in RM per gram.
The mode of payment accepted for purchase of gold are :
- cash
- debiting of account
- house cheque
No physical gold deposit is allowed.
Gold Sale/ Withdrawal
Gold sale will be based on the Bank's prevailing gold BUYING price quoted in RM per gram.
Withdrawal options available are :
- Cash
- Crediting of account
- Collection of physical gold withdrawal at selected branches
Account Opening Requirement Customer is required to maintain either a savings account or current account prior to opening a GIA to facilitate the debiting of service fee, if any.
Service Fee An annual fee of RM10 will be levied on the designated deposit account on the first day of the calendar year if the account balance is below 10gms as at year end.
Online Gold Trading via
Available from 9.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m., Monday to Friday when the Bank is opened for business in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.
Gold purchases and sales are offered at a discounted price.
Registration of GIA for online banking service is required.
Transaction Limit:
Minimum 5 grams per transaction
Maximum RM50,000 equivalent per GIA account per day for both gold purchases and sales.
Don't miss out on this golden investment!
Terms and conditions apply.

Not insured by PIDM.


  1. Beri Laluan

    Nilai 1g Morhabshi sama dengan 1g EMAS. Benarkah?

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